Slight dogleg left par 4 with more room to the right than it looks for your tee shot. Be accurate with your second shot to this slightly elevated green.


Short dogleg left par 4 that can be reachable by the long hitter when playing downwind. The average players should position themselves off the tee leaving a full shot in.


Straightaway par 5 that will require a long and accurate tee shot to go for the green in two. Be accurate when approaching the green and do not go long, a deep pot bunker lurks behind the green.


Long par 3 to an elevated green requires an accurate tee shot to avoid the bunkers on the left, the slope to the right and the waste area behind the green.

    Dogleg to the right par 4 that requires a well-placed tee shot to avoid the bunkers on the right and left. Make sure you have the correct distance for your shot into the green that slopes away.

    A gambling hole creating a risk reward factor. The safe play is to the right leaving a short approach into a shallow green. But, the green is reachable with a long courageous drive over the desert.

    A long par 4 that plays uphill, very important to stay of the bunkers off the tee. Use one more club for your second shot to the uphill green.

    Aim left on this downhill par 3 to avoid the waste bunker forty feet below the green to the right. A smart tee shot is to the left part of the green and let the slope push it back to the center.

    Dogleg right par 4 with a premium put on a well-placed tee shot to the center of the fairway. Make sure you pick the right club for your second shot into a long two-tiered green which is well bunkered.

    Reachable par 5 as long as you avoid the fairway bunker in the middle of the fairway with your tee shot. If you cannot reach the green in two, leave a full shot in for your third.

    A short par 4 that requires a long iron or fairway wood to a generous landing area. An accurate second shot is needed to this shallow green that is guarded by a large front bunker.

    Long par 3 over water that offers a bail out area to the left. You have a little room to be short in the bunker that guards the whole front of the green.

    Straightaway par 5 that requires a long tee shot over the fairway bunker or a fairway wood to stay short. An accurate shot into an elevated two-tiered green is needed to avoid the drop off on the right and bunker on the left.

    Sharp dogleg right par 4 and you can cut some of the distance off the tee by taking it over the waste area on the right. A difficult second shot two a two-tiered green guarded by six bunkers, a four is very good score.

    A true island green par 3, avoid the water and land your tee shot on the generous sized green. Once you're on the green safety the fun begins on this three-tiered green.

    Slight dogleg to the right and uphill par 4 that an era errant tee shot will find one of the well-placed fairway bunkers. Hit one extra club to this elevated green.

    Risk and reward par 4 that requires a decision off the tee. You need to hit a long tee shot off the tee to the right hand side to avoid the arroyo that runs through the middle of the fairway, if you lay up you will be forced with a long second shot that needs to carry the second arroyo.

    A long par 4 that is set up by keeping your drive out of the water down the right side. Your second shot will play downhill to a green that is protected by bunkers short and to the right. A safe second shot is short left and let it feed on to the green.

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Howls at 7,604 total yards... Longest course in Nevada... Come take a bite. The newest and most difficult, also known as the signature course, leads the pack but golfers can temper the challenge with its five tee options. The most difficult layout at The Paiute also holds the record as the longest course in Nevada. Marrying remarkable lenght with raw beauty, the course is infamous for its severe undulations, alternate landing areas, and a stunning 15th hole island green.

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Just 25 minutes northwest of the famed Las Vegas Strip, this international golf destination is serving up the ultimate trio of magnificent, championship golf courses. Sculpted by World Golf Hall of Fame architect Pete Dye, these courses are his only pure designs in Nevada.